Voronoi Study, part_02

Friday, August 24, 2007 § 9

This is a first attempt to use the voronoi diagrams for a specific design. The initial set of points is defined by the program requirements. The edges of the voronoi cells become the structure, while a first idea for enclosed space was to use again the voronoi cells (in a 'smoothed' version) as clusters of space in a configuration that resembles the relation of bones to organs. This project though was not developed further...
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§ 9 Response to “Voronoi Study, part_02”

  • The structure is smooth in rhino or in an 3d program?
    Can you explain your workflow to obtain the structured model?
    Andrea Graziano

  • andrea,

    the voronoi cells are created in rhino. but then I exported the model into 3dstudio where i isolated the edges, gave them thickness and applied a smooth modifier. It would be really hard to do that in rhino. you can also look at my last post to see how the project was developed. Let me know what you think.

  • I use the same process to model the voronoi cell. You can see it on a thesis of my friend at :
    The last post (part 3) is very clear and interesting. I'll try it.Thanks
    My blog about digital architecture is:
    Andrea Graziano

  • can u make small tutorial about the smoothing part please?

  • I did the 'smoothing' in 3dstudio. All you have to do is to select your object and apply a meshsmooth or a turbosmooth modifier. Just make sure that your geometry is continuous, otherwise you will get some 'nasty' holes in places that you shouldn't. If you are working with voronoi, this will be a challenge...

  • K4rl33 says:

    Dear Dimitris,
    you made a really intersting form, actual and expressive at the same time!
    I've also to say that I'm very happy because reading your comment I've discovered that you use the same process that I use to work with voronoi cells out of Rhinoceros.

    Keep in touch,
    Carlo Beltracchi

  • dimitro says:

    "Just make sure that your geometry is continuous"
    "where i isolated the edges"

    hello! your research is wonderfull!
    I'm trying to make smoth editable poly in max but it doesn't work.
    my steps are:
    1. making splines (or import exported dwg from rhino)
    2. giving them thicknes (enable in viewport)
    3. turbosmooth/meshsmoth

    maybe my geometry isn't continious.
    how can I mae it right?

  • Any tips on how to make the geometry of 2d/3d voronoi continuous?

  • Nice design Dimitris! I have used 3dStudio Max for several years and I really love it, I haven't tried Rhino, but perhaps after reading your blog I will, thank you!